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Precision distribution cabinet

Product features:

---The cabinet body adopts a standard 19 inch cabinet, and the interior adopts a modular design, which is neat and standardized. Adopting a single mesh door (glass door optional) design, intuitive and reliable. There are cable entry holes at the top and bottom of the cabinet, making it convenient to enter cables from the cable trough in the computer room or from the cable trench;

Up and down wiring methods for selection, front and rear door opening, front operation, cabinet rear wiring, maintenance and repair;

Reliable earthing system and overvoltage protection circuit are set in the cabinet to ensure the reliability of power supply, the stability of communication system and the safety of equipment;

The cabinet is equipped with dual inputs and dual bus outputs, with a maximum distribution of 54 channels x 2=108 channels, suitable for most computer rooms and can be customized according to user needs, such as single bus column cabinet;

The switch devices are all made of internationally renowned devices such as Schneider and ABB, which are safe and reliable;

The main switch adopts a fixed molded case circuit breaker, optional plug-in type, and the output adopts a regular miniature circuit breaker, or ABB hot plug miniature circuit breaker can be selected;

Both double busbars adopt C-level surge protection devices, effectively protecting the back-end core equipment;

Using a 7-inch touch screen to display the current, voltage, frequency, power and other electrical quantities of the dual AC power bus, as well as the feedback status and current, as well as the switch temperature, and uploading data from this cabinet through the RS-485 communication interface, achieving unified monitoring of multiple cabinets.

Technical parameters:

Main road monitoring parameters:

Three phase input voltage, current, frequency

Total power, active power, reactive power, power factor

Percentage of three-phase current and voltage harmonics, percentage of load

Branch monitoring parameters:

Rated current and actual current of branch

Branch load percentage

Branch switch status

Branch power

Alarm signal:

Main circuit undervoltage and overvoltage alarm

Branch switch status alarm

Branch load percentage alarm

Easily integrated into the computer room monitoring system

Provide communication methods with multiple intelligent interfaces such as RS232/485 or Ethernet

All information is uploaded through one interface, making the system more reliable and saving monitoring investment

The panel stores 10000 alarm messages for easy fault analysis

Standard configuration with fixed capacity


Mechanical parameters

Overall dimensions

H (mm)

W (mm)

D (mm)




1000、 1100、 1200


170-220kg (without built-in isolation transformer)

Electrical parameters

Rated working voltage


AC 50Hz/60Hz, three-phase 400V, single-phase 230V level


Multiple levels of DC 24VDC, 48VDC, 220VDC, etc

Input section

Single or dual circuit options

Input switch breaking capacity


Output section

1-126 poles (MCB below 63A) (special requirements can be customized)

Output switch breaking capacity


Electrical surge protection

Optional (Imax=40kA, 8/20 μ S )

Protection level


Detection parameters

Main road measurable parameters

Main circuit electricity quantity, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, three-phase voltage, actual current, rated current, frequency, voltage sum, harmonics, current harmonics, load percentage, main switch status

Shunt measurable parameter

Power consumption of each branch, actual current, rated current, load percentage, power factor, current harmonics, and switch status

Alarm parameters

Input overvoltage, undervoltage, frequency exceeding limit, phase loss, transformer overflow, lightning protection switch tripping, anti transformer alarm, upper limit of each branch, upper limit of each branch, current impact alarm, acquisition board malfunction, etc


Optional Accessories

Isolation transformer

Connection group label Dyn11, insulation level H, self cooling belt overtemperature indication, optional K-factor

Extended detection

Expandable temperature skin * 1, humidity * 1, smoke sensitivity * 1, □ magnetic * 1

Time sharing power down

Capable of controlling 16 output time-sharing and power-off functions

Environmental parameters

ambient temperature

-5 ° C to+40 ° C, not exceeding 50% at high temperatures of+40 ° C.
Higher relative humidity is allowed at lower temperatures. For example, up to 90% can be achieved at+20 ° C


≤ 2000m, derated for use over 2000m

software interface:

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