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How to choose shielded and non shielded twisted pair in weak current integrated wiring?

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Key word: How to choose shielded and non shielded twisted pair in weak current integrated wiring?
Comprehensive cabling products have a wide range of applications, both in unshielded and shielded systems, and can provide various end-to-end solutions for different users' different needs, including shielded, unshielded, and fiber optic cabling solutions. Shielding systems will be very suitable for combating interference and high confidentiality requirements.

The shielded wiring system has a complete set of shielding and grounding theories and product series, providing the most complete and comprehensive cable, component, and end-to-end full shielding solutions to meet the increasing needs of today's network.

Whether the wiring system adopts non shielded twisted pair or shielded twisted pair is obviously different from the construction quality, construction period and investment.

The non shielded twisted pair is used for the non shielded system, which is simple in construction, low in quality standards, short in construction period and low in investment.

The shielding system uses shielded twisted pair, which requires high processing requirements for the shielding layer. In addition to the requirement that the shielding layer of the link must not have breakpoints, it also requires that the shielding path must be completely shielded throughout the process.

So in actual comprehensive wiring systems, it is necessary to decide whether to use shielded or unshielded cables based on on-site conditions and construction experience.

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