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Layout position of comprehensive wiring cables

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Key word: Layout position of comprehensive wiring cables
1. Under the eaves. Standard LAN cables can only be used when not directly exposed to sunlight or ultra-high temperatures, and it is recommended to use pipes.

2. On the exterior wall. Avoid direct sunlight on walls and human damage.

3. In the pipeline. If in the pipeline, pay attention to the damage of plastic pipes and the thermal conductivity of metal pipes.

4. Suspended applications/overhead cables. Consider cable sagging and pressure. What bundling method are you planning to use? Is the cable directly exposed to sunlight.

5. Directly laying in underground cable trenches, this environment has the smallest control range. The installation of cable trenches should be regularly inspected for dryness or humidity.

6. Underground pipelines. For the convenience of future upgrades, cable replacement and isolation from surface pressure and surrounding environment, auxiliary pipelines are a better method. But don't expect the pipeline to remain dry forever, as this will affect the selection of cable types.

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