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Precautions for Class 6 comprehensive wiring

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Key word: Precautions for Class 6 comprehensive wiring
One of the precautions

Because the outer diameter of Category 6 cables is thicker than that of typical Category 5 cables, in order to avoid cable entanglement, it is necessary to pay attention to the filling degree of the pipe diameter when designing pipelines.

Notice 2

The bridge design is reasonable to ensure a suitable cable bending radius. When bypassing other trunking up, down, left, and right, the turning slope should be steep. It is important to pay attention to whether the cables at both ends can still be covered with covers after being sagged and stressed without damaging the cables.

Notice 3

During the laying process, attention is mainly paid to the control of tension. For cables packaged with reels, it is recommended to organize at least one worker at each end to cover the reels on a self-made pull rod. The workers at the laying end first pull out a portion of the cable from the reels box for the collaborators to extract at the other end of the pipeline. The pre pulled wire should not be too much to avoid multiple wires entangled and wrapped on the site.

Note 4

After the wire drawing process is completed, the redundant cables left at both ends should be organized and protected. When winding the wires, they should follow the original rotation direction, and the coil diameter should not be too small. If possible, waste wire heads should be fixed on the bridge, ceiling, or cardboard box, and marked to remind other personnel not to move or step on.

Note 5

When organizing, binding, and placing cables, redundant cables should not be too long, and the cables should not be subjected to superimposed forces. The coils should be coiled accordingly, and the fixing ropes should not be too tight.

Precautions 6

During the entire construction period, the process flow shall be promptly reported, and the responsible persons of each type of work shall communicate well. If any problems are found, Party A shall be notified immediately, and the tasks of this type of work shall be completed in a timely manner before other subsequent types of work begin.

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