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How to build network integrated cabling?

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Key word: How to build network integrated cabling?
With the development of science and technology and the arrival of the era of intelligent buildings, the application of network integrated wiring is becoming increasingly widespread, but many people do not know how to build integrated wiring.

1、 Determine the design of the points.

1. Basis for determining point locations: Based on the design of the engineering drawing and combined with the point map on the wall, use a pencil, ruler, or ink fountain to mark the box locations of each point location.

2. Determination of the height of the cassette: In general, the height of the cassette should be consistent with the original strong current socket, and the height of the background music tuning switch should be consistent with the height of the original strong current switch.

2、 Slotting.

1. Determine the slot route: Determine the wiring route based on the design drawings and the actual situation on site.

2. Determine the width of the slot: Determine the diameter of the conduit based on the number of signal wires, and then determine the width of the slot.

3. Determine the groove depth: The groove depth is determined based on the diameter of the conduit, the width of the groove, and the thickness of the wall.

4. Appearance regulations for wire ducts: horizontal and vertical, with uniform size.

5. Slot measurement: black box. Independently calculated, all wire slots are measured from the start of the slot to the end of the slot.

3、 Comprehensive wiring.

1. Confirm cable patency: First confirm cable patency, then make crystal heads, and use a network tester to test continuity.

2. Determine the wire length for each point: First, measure the length from the distribution box slot to each point, and then add redundant wire lengths for each point and distribution box slot.

3. Determine labels: After cutting various cables to a certain length, attach labels to both ends of the line and indicate the labels.

4. Determine the number of internal pipelines: The cross-sectional area of the internal pipelines shall not exceed 80% of the cross-sectional area of the pipelines.

4、 Seal the groove.

1. Fixed dark box: The dark box is flush with the wall. Several cartridges are required on the same horizontal line.

2. Fixed conduit: Ground conduit must be fixed every one meter.

3. Sealing groove: The wall and ground after sealing groove shall not be higher than the plane.

4. Cleaning the construction site: After sealing the trench, clean up the garbage and clean the construction site.

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